My name’s Emily and I am doing a placement through Curious Minds with Peshkar, this is a Strong Voices placement and will last about 3 months. I do Special Effects makeup at college and I hope to be working on TV and Film within the next 10 years. During this placement I will be helping to update their social media websites with new information and upcoming events. At the moment we are working on a zombie photo shoot and exhibition which should be a lot of fun. I am helping to run this project and through this I can advance on my makeup skills and it will give me a chance to show people what I can do. Before I started working at Peshkar I, and others, achieved a Bronze Arts Award through a short film that we made with other young people. This is what got me interested and involved with Peshkar and I am now doing my Silver Arts Award and I hope to advance onto my Gold. Not only are they a lot of fun to do, they also look great on a CV as you do leadership roles and volunteer coordinating, and develop artistic skills.



Originally formed in 1991 as a community theatre project for Oldham’s Asian community, Peshkar has evolved into the UK’s leading participatory arts organisation targeting young people who are deemed hard to reach or socially disadvantaged.

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